descriptionSHR Openmoko Notifier
ownerMarco Trevisan
last changeThu, 24 Jun 2010 13:50:33 +0000
2010-06-24  Marco Trevisan... Avoid atd to hang due to multiple alarm-script calls master
2010-06-24  Marco Trevisan... Updated the dbus calls for FSO vibrator support
2010-06-24  Marco Trevisan... Updated the dbus calls against the new FSO values
2010-06-24  Marco Trevisan... Move to the "new" callback method of python-elementary
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Use the RTC FSO interface for getting the unix time
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Use the rtc sys-node to get the date since the Epoch
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Use the backlight interface instead of the brightness one
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Update atd trigger only if an atd shr-notifier script...
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Modify the ATD_NOTIFY_SCRIPT to use the notifier "const...
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0atd_notify cleanup
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Disable the SIGTERM handler (it doesn't seem to work)
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Set the title to "SHR Notifier"
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Avoid multiple instances of the notifier
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Handle SIGTERM to remove any atd_alarm...
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Add support for ADT-based (in-suspend) notifications ATD-support
2009-05-12  Treviño - 3v1n0Add notify_timer_{start,stop} functions.
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6 years ago 0.2
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